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Thai food, if well prepared, is always a party! That is why BaiYok is very happy to provide catering for you. For a family or company party you can come to us for delicious Thai catering (up to 150 people) and up to more than half an hour’s drive from Zwolle. The menu for the catering is put together in consultation with you, so that your wishes can be taken into account:

  • Do you want meat, fish and/or vegetarian dishes?
  • How spicy do you want the food delivered?

The food is freshly prepared and then presented on location in chafing dishes ready in buffet form. Name cards are placed with the dishes. Transport is free within Zwolle and beyond in consultation. At an additional cost we can also provide plates, cutlery and napkins for you.

Example of a catering menu

Nua pha naam man hoi
Stir-fried beef tenderloin with green asparagus, garlic and oeer sauce (mild)

Kaeng ka rie pak
Yellow curry with pieces of tofu, vegetables, pumpkin and fried onions (veg., slightly spicy)

Koeng sam ros
Fried shrimp in a homemade spicy sweet and sour sauce of tamarind and onion (spicy)

Kaeng pha naeng nua
Pha naeng curry with beef, red onion and lemon leaf (spicy)

Phad phed plaa doek**
Stir-fried pieces of catfish fillet with red curry paste, bamboo and Thai eggplant (spicy)

Phad kra prow kai sab
Stir-fried chopped chicken breast with basil and red peppers (very spicy)

Yam chow wang
Salad of finely chopped vegetables, peanut, fried onions, fresh mint and lemon (veg., mild)

Yam nua yang
Salad of grilled sirloin steak, red onion, tomato, cucumber and fresh coriander and lemon (spicy)

Khao phad
Fried rice (veg.)

Khao suay
White rice

If you want more information about the possibilities for catering, you can contact BaiYok for home, tel. 038 – 423 2705 or send an email to Then we will contact you as soon as possible.